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National Initiative Engaging the Twin Cities Community

Twin Cities PublicTelevision's work with the American Graduate initiative focuses on building a positive narrative about Minnesota’s youth by sharing their stories and voices. Together with community and education partners we are increasing local and national reporting about how young people are learning and living, empowering those we engage to hear, support and celebrate our students.

tpt met with African-American youth in serveral schools - including outstate, suburban, and metro high schools. These listening sessions were designed to ask questions and generate conversation about the realities and challenges of being an African-American student in Minnesota. Out of these listening sessions, six high school seniors were identified as distinct voices to feature in the online and on-air content.

American Graduate on Almanac

Watch below, or click for a behind-the-scenes look. 

Four newly-graduated students sit down at the Minnesota African American Museum & Cultural Center and speak with Lissa Jones (KMOJ’s Urban Agenda) about what graduation means to them & what it takes to succeed. 

Filming Students' Stories

Our featured youth were interviewed and filmed in their schools, homes, and other community places that supported and uplifted their passions and interests. In addition to the youth, tpt interviewed parents and family members, teachers, administrators, creative mentors, and others who encouraged their graduation success.

After graduation, four of the featured youth sat down together for a panel discussion with Lissa Jones from KMOJ’s Urban Agenda at the Minnesota African American Museum. Topics ranged from graduation successes and challenges, to opportunities to learn black history, to the belief gap and how the educational system supported and/or failed them at times.  

Meet our Creative Advisors

This team of community members, artists, and youth advocates were recruited to support tpt's American Graduate campaign by driving and shaping the campaign content. Using a community organizing/media justice framework, these advisors provide important authentic expertise to the project. Scroll through below. You can also read more on their About page here.

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