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graduated from Washburn High School. She is a spoken word artist, actress, and director that plans to continue her education and study theater and history.



graduated from South High School.  Over the summer he is working as a graphic designer through Rev Academy, and he will be attending Columbia College Chicago, majoring in Graphic Design.



graduated from Burnsville Alternative High School.  She enjoys performing stand-up comedy and is very interested in pursuing a career in the culinary arts.



graduated from Washburn High School. He is a Hip Hop artist that will attend the University of Wisconsin - Madison, taking part in the First Wave learning community. Check out his website at



graduated from Park Center Senior High as part of the International Baccalaureate program.  She will attend the University of Oklahoma to major in computer engineering.



graduated from Burnsville Alternative High School. She is passionate about music and her family, and will be attending a community college. Someday, she hopes to become a midwife.


Eshay's Quick Facts

Nickname:   Shabba

Favorite food: spaghetti

Favorite place in MN: Pillsbury House Theater

Favorite Music: R & B, hip-hop, jazz/blues

Personal definition of success:  Reaching your dreams, achieving your goals.

Words to live by: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”          

- Maya Angelou

Social/societal issue she fights for:  Black voice, not just being a voice, but making an impact. 

Michael's Quick Facts

Nicknames: Doman, Mike, Lil' Mike

Favorite food: baked mac 'n' cheese

Favorite places in MN: Uptown, Soundset, Downtown Minneapolis, Elliot Skate Plaza, Walker Art Center

Favorite Music: hip-hop and jazz

Inspiring figures: Parents and Malcolm X  

Words to live by: No progress without resistance.  

Social/societal issues he fights for: Education, social/race relations  




Shakira's Quick Facts

Nickname: Shy

Favorite places in MN: Chipotle, the Mall of America, her bedroom

Music artists and groups she is currently listening to: The Weekend, Asking Alexandria, Fetty Wap

Personal Definition of Success: Being true to yourself

Inspiring figures: her mom, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr.

Passion: cooking

Social/societal issue she fights: child abuse




Lucien's Quick Facts

Nickname: Luc

Favorite food: knowledge

Currently Listening to: Kendrick, J. Cole, Noname Gypsy, Joey Bada$$

Inspiring figures: his father, Eshay, his group, his girlfriend

Passions: recording music, rapping, writing, and performing

Words to live by: Live freely, make your own path

Social/societal issues he fights for: equality, self-education, Black achievement; the fight against police brutality and violence against African Americans


Ivey's Quick Facts

Nickname: Nellie

Favorite food: all seafood, especially shrimp

Favorite places in MN: State Fair, Soundset, downtown Minneapolis

Personal defintion of success: Success is anything that a person does that they’ve worked hard for and ended up with the intended outcome.

Passions: education, volleyball, and food

Words to live by: The only time that success comes before work is in the dictionary!

Social/societal issue she fights forEquity

Helen's Quick Facts

Nicknames: Lil' Mama, Nelah

Favorite food: Fettuccini Alfredo

Favorite MN places & events: Pride, Minnetonka, especially the waterfalls

Personal defintion of success: to do something you love and have always dreamed of doing

Passions: family, music, leukemia patients

Words to live by: “Carpe Diem” & “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today”

Social/societal issues she fights for: Leukemia Patients, Black Lives Matter


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