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Production Team for tpt's American Graduate Project

Lucy Swift: Vice President of Minnesota Productions & Partnerships (

Kate Gibson: Director of Production (

Shari Lamke:  Supervising Producer (

Daniel Bergin: Senior Producer (

Rebeka Ndosi: Producer and Project Manager (

Ariel Tilson: Segment Producer of American Graduate Almanac (

Leya Hale: Film Producer (

Carrie Clark: Post-Producer (

Barbara Istas: Production Assistance (

Jim Kron: Director of Photography (

Terry Gray: Audio Engineer (

Lissa Jones: Almanac Guest Host and Host of Urban Agenda (

Alisha Volante: Consultant (

Cassandra Fenelon: Communications Coordinator (

Madeline Burbank:  Communications & Engagement Intern (

steps2.JPGFrom Top Left: Lissa Jones, Rebeka Ndosi, Alisha Volante, Ariel Tilson; From Bottom Left: Keno Evol, Isiah Dennis, Carl Lobley

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