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Isiah Dennis

“They say it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it takes a community to raise a people, and people to raise a nation.”

Isiah Dennis is an artist with a love of performance and how messages and the power of community can be delivered through the mediums of spoken word, dance, and song.  He serves as a youth pastor at the Revelation Christian Center International, and has been working with youth as a mentor since his days as a peer.  By working with youth, he hopes to unlock their potential so they can speak their truth.  Isiah also takes part in Meeting of the Minds.



Keno Evol

Why the poem? Or better, why the pen? Because in the hands and in the mouths of those who struggle they both build from academic activity to resistance activity."

Keno Evol finds his work at the intersections of education, social justice, and literacy.  From his clothing line Dope Image Clothing to his literacy development program that is taking place in four schools throughout St. Paul and Minneapolis Public schools, Crack The Page, Shift The Stage. He participates in critical conversation centered around social injustice with an entry point centered around blackness and the black diaspora.

He quotes Patricia Hill Collins' statement that “My work has always been bigger than my job.” He believes the dialog has always been bigger than the stage. He loves to build fellowship with folks in community and ecnourages people to connect with him.


Check out his interview and spoken word featured on Almanac!


Carl Lobley

“My influence and experience with community organizing started early in my youth through my mother Rose Lobley; who is an experienced community navigator for the Cultural Wellness Center."

Carl Lobley is twenty years old, and this past year has been managing  the Backyard Initiative Resource Center located at the Midtown Global Market.  Through this opporuntity, he has improved his ability to communicate, advocate, and orgnize.  He manages the staff responsible for each of the interconnected projects and programs of the various community initiatives who collaborate with The Backyard Initiative, Allina Hospitals, and the Cultural Wellness Center. Carl Lobley also serves as the acting program director of "TEENS” - Teenagers Entering Existing Networking Systems.



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